Stitchville knitting holidays are an unique opportunity to spend quality time away, relax, learn a few knitting tricks - if you will, and make some progress on your favourite knitting project. All in an excellent and select company of women with a similar interest.

Beautiful walks, wild nature and beautiful architecture, exciting cultural experiences, nourishing and delicious food and most spectacular venues are our winning formula.

The next Stitchville knitting holiday will take us to East Grinstead in, West Sussex. Sackville House stands on the south side of East Grinstead’s lively High Street. From the large terraced garden a view of several miles across a wide valley towards Ashdown Forest can be enjoyed. This magnificent, sprawling abode was built about 1520. It is a substantial timber-framed house with rooms of wood and lime plaster and the patina of centuries past.

What is really exceptional about Sackville House lies beyond. East Grinstead was laid out in the thirteenth century, a street of houses each with a long plot of land behind, called a portland. Most of these have since been divided and built on. Only in one small area, opposite the church, do they survive in anything like their original form. The garden here, some 630 feet long, slopes to the south, passing through several stages from formal terrace to wild nuttery.

You can find out more about the logistics of this holiday here.

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