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Cycling Sweater


This top was essentially designed by my daughter when she was 11. She picked her colours, drew the shape and had me put my skills in her service. The result is this body hugging & sleek number, which – something tells me – is going to see a lot of wear!

A very versatile little number. You can dress it up or down. Either way, the silk feels great on the skin!


• Debbie Bliss Pure Silk

  • 150g of  turquoise (col. 27007)
  • 50g of Delf blue (col. 27014)
  • 50g of sage green (col. 27006)
  • 50g of lime (col. 27015)
  • A spool of invisible elastic


• 40cm long 2.5mm circ. needle
• 60cm long circ. needles in following sizes: 2.5, 3, 3.5mm
• 80cm long 3.5mm circular. needle
• Stitch markers
• Measuring tape
• Tapestry needle
• Yarn cutter or ✂


28 sts and 38 rnds = 10cm/4” on 2.5mm needles over st.st.


2×2 Rib:
(no. of sts divisible by 4)
All Rnds: *K2, p2; rep from * to end.

Stockinette Stitch (st.st):
(worked in the rnd)
All Rnds: K.


11 yrs (please see note on bespoke sizing).


68cm chest
41cm long (body)
38cm long (sleeve)

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