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Spherical Bag


This beautifully shaped bag is crocheted from soft chunky wool and then machine felted. A terribly useful and comment attracting thing. A quick project from almost instant gratification.


• 1000g of any chunky wool. I used hand-dyed chunky South American 100% wool. It’s best to use a soft non-twisted yarn, as it’s perfect for felting. Recycled wool works very well for this kind of project, so it’s a brilliant way of giving “tired” yarn a new lease of life!
• A skein of hand-spun art yarn from Pluckyfluff.


• Crochet hook size 10mm
• Yarn cutter or scissors
• Tapestry needle
• Measuring tape


Gauge is not important for this project.
If you want to have more control over the final size of your project make a sample, put threads to demarcate 20 sts and rs and then wash as described in the felting section of this pattern. Take note of everything you’re doing so that you can re-produce exactly the same conditions later. Then measure your sample and base your figures on the dimensions of felted sample. Please note that the rate your wool will shrink at depends on the fibres and can vary significantly.


• Single crochet stitch (sc).




• 110cm wide (measured around widest point) 50cm deep (measured from top of handles to bottom) – after felting.
• Twice as big before felting.