">"The Art of Seamless Knitting - Sequel" - A Residential Workshop in Great Torrington, 7-14 October 2019 - DEPOSIT (Copy) - Stitchville
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“The Art of Seamless Knitting – Sequel” – A Residential Workshop in Great Torrington, 7-14 October 2019 – DEPOSIT (Copy)


Gosia Dzik-Holden is a London & Krakow based knitwear designer maker fondly referred to by her friends and students as the knitting sensei. She loves seamless knitwear and has mastered it over years of focused practice. She will lead a residential workshop in Great Torrington in Devon in the autumn of 2019, titled “The Art of Seamless Knitting”, the subject of which is learning to design your own seamless sweater. It’s a sequel to a residential workshop with the same title, which took place earlier this year in Bath and was a great success.

In this weekend workshop we will cover the following:
* choosing a suitable pattern
* converting a pattern from flat (RS&WS) to circular knitting (RS only)
* sketching the design
* taking measurements
* converting gauge into key measurements
* top down and bottom up structures
* casting on – how to join for working in the round
* grafting aka Kitchener Stitch

You will need:
* a ready and blocked gauge square
* enough yarn for your project
* circular needle (or two, if you’d like to use tubular cast-on, which is one of Gosia’s favourites)
* stitch markers
* measuring tape
* sketchbook & pencil

Please note that this residential workshop includes full board.

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