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Stitchville knitting retreats were born in 2010. The idea is a formulation of the following ingredients: travel, being in nature, walks, knitting, food, good company and great conversations, interesting architecture, history and quality time by myself as well as with others. The first retreat was in Saddell Castle in Scotland, followed by Rosslyn Castle near Edinburgh, the Old Place of Monreith in Galloway, South Street in Devon, Elton House in Bath, Ascog House on the Isle of Bute and Castle of Park in Dumfries. All these retreats were very unique, as every group was very different. At the same time, all of them had the same threads woven into them – drawn out meals, splendid walks, relaxation, gentle companionship, knitting and creativity, and fun.

Over the years I have collected many lovely notes from the visiting ladies. Here are just a few…

“I enjoyed a wonderful week in a beautiful setting in Scotland. The food, company, fun & laughter mixed in with lots of knitting hints & tips were amazing. This was my sixth knitting holiday with the lovely Gosia who gently guided me through my first piece of colour work of which l am very proud, l made some great new friends and I left feeling that with my knitting skills anything is possible!”

– Stephanie, who visited Cawsey House (twice), Elton House (twice), Ascog House & Castle of Park

“The holidays I have been blessed to share in (Saddell & Rosslyn) have sincerely been the most relaxing, re-energizing & bonding holidays I’ve enjoyed. Thank you for creating the space for women to come together. The amount of union, sisterhood, love, growth & joy cannot be measured. Thank you for creating these special experiences for us. The journey we are so on & have the gift to share in is truly my dream. I love you darling Gosia. Thank you for being you… a shining star. Keep on Brighter & Brighter. ”

– Sarah, who visited Saddell Castle & Rosslyn Castle

“An extraordinary treat!”

– Iwona, who visited Rosslyn Castle, South Street & Elton House

“The company of strangers is only the company of friends you’ve never met until now. A truly magical, with nothing more to do than think nothing, laugh every day, and knit to your heart’s content. Gosia, this has been a wonderful experience, and Jamie and Kasia the perfect addition with superb food and magical massages. The best of weeks.”

– Jackie, who visited Saddell Castle, Rosslyn Castle, Old Place of Monreith & Castle of Park

“Gosieńka… Cudowny weekend, głębokie ciekawe rozmowy, fascynujące osoby, przepyszne jedzenie, odpoczynek, rozwój, łatwość i lekkość. Dziękuję Ci za organizację i Twoją energię. Było cudownie.”

– Aga, who visited Saddell Castle & Old Place Monreith

“Wonderful company, good food, new friendships, lots of knitting and new ideas. Great conversations, sun, sand and sea and lush landscape! Thank you Gosia for being so wonderful, inspiring and kind. See you soon and a special thank you Robert for showing us how we can heal our body with good food.”

– Hilary, who visited Ascog House

“I feel this was all meant to be, the peace, the food, the knitting, the camaraderie. I have learnt so much about macrobiotic food and life which I would have never known. So not only has this been a perfect break but what I’ve been guided to take forward in my life, like reviewing my diet. So so much more than a knitting holiday. Don’t forget ‘Follow Your Joy’. Love.”

– Catherine, who visited Ascog House

“Merci Gosia. Merci Małgosia. Merci Małgosieńka. Gosia, thank you my dear. I am very honoured to be part of your very first knitting castle holiday. We all bonded and gelled so well. All the ingredients were spectacular. I feel very lucky. I look forward to the growth of this enterprise. So many surprises and tickles. I hope it’s been how you’ve envisioned within you. Lots of love from a castle.”

– Kerry-Fleur, who visited Saddell Castle, Rosslyn Castle & Old Place Monreith

“The night I arrived was so magical, filled with mists and full moon and owls hoot… Our home for the week was full of warmth and love and hearty yet healthy foods. Always a sweet smelling fire in the stove, and laughter ringing through the house. A million miles away from reality, and yet so very real and surreal at the same time. The best of times xxx Inspiration, motivation, education and above all, relaxation.”

– Jackie, who visited Saddell Castle, Rosslyn Castle, Old Place of Monreith & Castle of Park

“First time on a knitting holiday of any kind. This one has spoilt me for others. Gosia has been marvellous at helping me achieve my goals this week and boosted my confidence to continue with projects at home. Iwona has produced lovely food – shame she’s off to Oz! Being here in a wonderful Bath we have had the perfect location. M&S 2 mins. Coffee shop 10 secs. Fab wool shop 5 mins.!! What’s not to like? When’s the next one?”

– Sue, who visited Cawsey House and Elton House (twice)

“What a perfect venue for a knitting holiday. Lots to see, lots to do and most of all fabulous company. Although I had not met any of the ladies before we bonded well, we laughed, we cried, but most of all we had a good time. I brought two projects with me & did what I wanted to do. I am now inspired to continue with my cardigan despite getting it wrong, ripping it back & being very frustrated. Thank you to everyone for helping to make it such a lovely break.”

– Nicky, who visited Rosslyn Castle and Elton House

“Dear Małgosia & Iwonka, Thank you very, very much for a beautiful holiday, absolutely out of this world, which will stay in our memories for the rest of our lives. Every minute was a sheer pleasure. The choice of place, full of interesting walking options, the house itself, a marvel of beauty, warmth and comfort, as well as cosy atmosphere was simply beyond words – unforgettable. Yours and Iwonka’s inspiring but relaxed influence on our activities was priceless. Delicious food. We shall cherish every memory for years on end and hope to participate in future events. In the meantime, we wish you both every success and satisfaction in your endeavours.”

– Kasia & Mia, who visited Saddell Castle & Cawsey House

“Dear Gosia, This is my first holiday with you! You make me think ‘out of the box’ – knitting and hiking…? I give it a try. Anyway, you made me knit again! It was freezing cold when I left Amsterdam. Here in Scotland it’s warmer, soft warm Gulfstream. Gosia I admire you for the warmth you give to people. Your warmth! You gather people around you and the mixture as a result, spirituality, macrobiotic food, chasing ghosts, knitting, talking about our way in life, how we got where we are now. I enjoyed Kasia’s massage and the food Jamie cooks with full attention and love. Somehow the weekend was more about eating for me than about knitting… but certainly a good experience.”

– An, who visited Old Place of Monreith

“Dear Gosia, I feel very privileged being welcome into your very special knitting circle. And the initiation to macrobiotic food has been a fascinating insight. Thank you very much!”

– Barbara, who visited Old Place of Monreith

“Wonderful weekend full of delights and new experiences, including getting lost, food talk and knitting. Thank you so much.”

– Karen, who visited Old Place of Monreith

“Dear Gosia, thank you for having invited me to this special place with same minded people who are yet bringing so many different experiences with them. You, Kasia and Jamie are a great team. Complementing each other and able to create a unique atmosphere + experience. I feel moved, touched + inspired by you, your courage and creativity. I am grateful for your gift to my life.”

– Heide, who visited Old Place of Monreith

These retreats are a brainchild of a London knitting gang. My knitting (and even non-knitting) friends and I dreamt them up and then implemented them time and time again over many years. At first, it was just us, but then the word began to spread and friends of friends came too. Our policy is to be open and welcoming. However, these are very intimate affairs, the groups being very small, so please be prepared for a mini “interview” if you are not closely acquainted with one of the core group. It’s all to benefit the quality of our time together by making sure that the group is a great fit.


Please note that below Terms & Conditions apply when you book yourself in.

  1. To reserve a place a non-refundable deposit is required in the sum of 50% of total amount due.
  2. Balance is due 6 months prior to the start date.
  3. If you are making your booking less than 6 months before the start day, full amount is due upon booking, 50% of which is refundable, if a replacement is found in case of cancellation.
  4. If a replacement cannot be found, the deposit is budgeted into the production costs of the retreat and the remaining funds can be transferred towards a future retreat, provided that the funds are used within 12 months of payment being made and that there is availability.
  5. The participants take full responsibility for their wellbeing during the retreat and the organisers cannot be held liable for any loss of belongings or bodily harm resulting from accidents during the retreat or a workshop.
  6. COVID passport is mandatory.